What Features Affect the Estimates of Best Movers in Dubai?

How Do the Best Movers in Dubai Offer Accurate Estimates?


People often get annoyed about having a heavy-moving bill at the end of the services. Getting a pre-estimate secures you from such embarrassment. Do you wonder how movers and packers offer accurate estimates? If yes, this blog will help you understand the quotes of best movers in Dubai. You can know what factors affect a moving estimate.

How to Get an Estimate from the Best Movers in Dubai?

If you are looking for relocation services, movers can provide you with different quotes. Initially, a moving company may give you a rough pre-estimate on the phone. For detailed estimates, it is necessary to have an in-person meeting. Several companies save time and can view the home luggage and belongings via video chat. However, the in-person visit allows the service providers to assess accurate estimates.  

Factors Affecting a Moving Estimate

When you intend to move, it is wise to ask for quotations from the movers. Resultantly, you can get several quotations at your table. Before deciding on the best one, it is necessary to understand the factors affecting the moving quotations.

●       Weight of the luggage

The total weight of the luggage helps the moving company to tell you the exact estimate. However, it is often calculated at the time of the services only.

●       Size and Quantity of the items

How much furniture and electronics are included in your belongings? The heavy items surely need larger trucks. It will increase the pay rate as well. The weight of the luggage also determines the type of vehicle you need. 

●       Number of Required staff

The best movers and packers decide on how many staff members need to provide services. More staff means a high pre-estimate. In some cases, only 2 or 3 movers and packers are enough to relocate any home. However, in other cases, relocation of office or home requires 6-7 persons to help the movers.  

●       Types of Services you need

What type of services do you want to get? It will increase or decrease the moving charges. You can ask for packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking the luggage at the new address. You can choose among the services as per your needs. Even some movers and packers also offer short-term or long-term storage as per customers’ requirements.  

●       Location and Distance

The best movers in Dubai give you estimates as per your old home location. In rural areas, moving companies charge less compared to urban areas. Furthermore, the distance between the old and new address also decides the cost of the move. A longer distance means more fuel consumption. Consequently, it increases the cost of moving estimates.

Sometimes, the movers have to take longer routes for poor roads or blockages. It also affects the cost of the estimate.

●       Hurdles in the home

The moving company calculates the hurdles in your home. Is there any luggage upstairs? Can all luggage move easily out of doors? Sometimes, movers and packers have to work extraordinarily to load all belongings in the truck. So, a pre-meeting with movers can help the company to estimate all expenses.

●       Moving Coverage

Some moving companies offer basic protection coverage. And others offer full protection to your luggage. It is quite similar to moving insurance. Movers are responsible for any damage or loss of the loaded items in the vehicle.

●       Binding Vs Non-Binding Estimates

In binding estimates, movers and customers coordinate and estimate the whole luggage. The cost of the best movers in Dubai will not change at the time of moving services. If you remove any belonging, the estimated cost will remain the same but it may increase on adding any leftover items in the estimate.

On the other hand, the non-binding estimate is flexible. There might be some changes in the estimated cost on the day of moving as well.  Additionally, moving companies also add labor, service charges, and taxes.

Sum Up

Sometimes you may observe the difference between a pre-estimate and an actual bill of moving services. It often happens when you have not added all items in the movers’ quotation. In some cases, the moving company may have hidden charges that remain undiscussed in pre-estimates. So, it is better to ask for all types of charges before hiring any movers. It will secure you from poor experience with movers.  


How much time is required to get an accurate quotation?

When a moving company sends any person to estimate the expenses, it may take a longer time. It often takes more than one hour depending upon the size and quantity of the home luggage. Furthermore, it is advised to reveal all belongings to get an accurate cost estimate of moving. 

How is Moveyouae the best moving service in Dubai?

Moveyouae is the best movers and packers that facilitate customers in all ways. It offers packing, loading, unloading, and moving services. The movers protect the customers’ belongings and take great care to provide standard services.

Can the estimated quotation be changed at the time of services?

Yes, it can be changed. It all depends upon the package you choose. Moreover, the moving, packing and other selected services may make changes in the estimated quotation.

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