How Do I Choose Long Distance Moving Services?

Though finding the right company, such as MOVEYOUAE, to ease your relocation process is not an easy task. But you may make it easy by considering some factors. Commonly you should prefer to hire a reliable company with a license and certificate.

Some companies ask you to pay for unworked hours. On the other hand, some companies ask you to pay the hidden cost. In that scenario, you always need to have a company that is both reliable and experienced.

Hopefully, you will find the right company in very less time. The following are some tips that you must consider while choosing the company to avail long distance moving services:

Get Referrals:

First, you need to get referrals. Ask your friends, family, and other employees about different moving companies. You may also ask the agent about long distance moving services.

Follow the Rule of Threes

It is not a good idea to be ok with the first estimate. You should ask three different companies to give you the estimate. So, you may easily find a company such as MOVEYOUAE that has the best estimate.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Make sure to watch out for the red flags. It means you should never hire a company that asks you for the cost before the moving process. Suppose you find a company like this. Then make sure to avoid hiring such a company because it is just a scam.

Moreover, you should also consider the professionalism of the moving company. Suppose you have any doubt about the skills and experience of the company. Then make sure to find long distance moving services with more skills and many years of experience.

Make Sure the Mover Is Insured

The most important factor that you must consider is to find moving services with a license and insurance. Make sure to hire a licensed company if you have to move to another country. Moreover, you may ask the company about insurance. This way, you may claim the money in case of damage to the belongings.

Check With the Better Business Bureau

Make sure to check the records and history of the moving company with BBB. You don’t need to put extra effort into doing so. You can check it online. This way, you will find a company such as MOVEYOUAE with BBB-certified and best ratings. If you don’t find an accredited company, move further.

Verify the Address

Another best tip is the verification of address. Make sure to find the company which has an official physical address. You may check the address through the internet or ask others. A reliable company has a registered address.

Take a thorough moving inventory!

The long distance moving services take a thorough moving inventory of all the items. It means a moving company checks all the rooms, cupboards, drawers, garages, and bookcases of the home. If you have to move outside items, you may add them to the inventory.

It means the estimate is based on the belonging weight and the space you need to place items in the truck. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have the right estimate.

Tips on avoiding moving scams

The following are some tips that you may use to avoid scams:

The hostage

It is the best tip to apply when the mover doesn’t give your items to you until you pay double the amount.

Bait and switch

It is the best tip to apply when the moving services arrange your move in the end and ask you to pay more than the original cost.

Outrageous delivery charges

It is a situation when your movers ask you to pay the extra cost, and they will return your items.

Late delivery

When your movers don’t deliver your items on time, do not consider the company and movers who provide late delivery and waste your precious time while moving!

Reckless abandonment

When your movers take the cost and belongings with them and never contact you.


The long distance moving services never ask you to pay hidden costs. Moreover, a reliable company never asks you to deposit before the moving day. You always need to pay after the day of the move. It means the company ensures the safety of belongings.

Though many moving companies are available, you need to find the right company such as MOVEYOUAE by considering some factors. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips and hire the right company now!

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