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With Clean Place and Safe Moving, We Will Make Your World Spotless

Quality is seen as the essential competitive factor. Only high quality allows us to meet our requirements and our customers in an era of international networks and increasing globalization. For this, reliable quality management is essential. We have globally recognized proof of our quality capability. In addition, all our employees regularly participate in training and refresher courses. After each move, our customers are questioned in writing on the quality of the services provided.

Why Moveyouae?

We provide valuable services with the experience to deliver on our promises. At Moveyouae, we are strong in:

  • Internal risk management, with policies
  • A commitment to long-term partnerships
  • Standard operating procedures and processes (SOPs) that ensure consistency of services
  • A reputation as a unique leader in the provision of maintenance and ancillary services
  • Research and development programs that provide innovative solutions

Your move begins with a professional consultation. It means that qualified and experienced moving consultants come to your home for free for an on-site or online visit and virtually via Moveyouae.

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10 foot truck Load capacity 1 ton

12 foot truck Load capacity 3 ton

16 foot truck Load capacity 5 ton

24 foot truck Load capacity 7 ton

MissionOur Mission

Delivering excellence, bringing delight all-over UAE Move You AE is a Dubai based relocation services that was established Year 2016, successfully relocated more than 20,000 families and expatriates.
A major switch – The first quarter of 2021, we decided to re- brand. Offering more sense of nationalism and a public spirit.

MovingMaking your move right

Company presentation

Moveyouae is a business with rigorous ethics and solid business principles. We believe in honesty and transparency with our clients and that lasting relationships are built on trust and integrity. As a client, you can benefit from multiple services governed by a single contract, all with a single contact person, so you always know who you are dealing with.

Our Engagement

We are committed to using our resources and expertise to meet the ever-changing demands of our industry and its goals. Our strong list of long-standing clients demonstrates our commitment to building lasting relationships.

Service Guarantee

Whatever task you entrust to us during your move, we'll provide the service that's right for you, whether it's packing or unpacking, relocation, professionally assembling the kitchen, disposing of old furniture, installing lamps, or painting your apartment. With Moveyouae, you get full service for your move and move in from one source.

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Feel free to ask about the possibilities. We would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Move You

We take good care of your belongings and offer you quality serveries to maintain your standards.

Safe Delivery

Our highly experienced team will fulfill your all needs and give their best performance.

EXPERIENCESNumbers speak for themselves.


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Reliable Storage company in Dubai

Useful to store your household effects (complete or partial) for a long or short period.

Best Packing And Moving Services

The transport of furniture is usually the basic service of any moving company. You prepare your boxes and empty your furniture; then the our team takes care of loading your belongings.

Commercial Moving Services In Dubai

Choose us we guarantee perfect protection for all your belongings and the availability of all commercial moving equipment.

Private removals

Whether you have fragile older items or modern interior pieces: we take good care of your belongings and offer you a stress-free, quality move.

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Get assistance from The Best Moving Services in Dubai

Are you moving, and do you want your household effects to be taken to your new location quickly and carefully? Rely on us:

  • Highly secured
  • Services from door step
  • Detailed budget planning
  • Affordable rates
  • Clear work processes
  • No multiple trips
  • Protection of goods
  • 24/7 customer care

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