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When you move your business, you need a reliable partner who can get the job done efficiently and neatly. Our moving specialists are competent to handle all of your professional move's planning, organization, and execution. We will take care of the relocation of all elements of your business, from files in the manager's office to the warehouse to the production line. Get services from a reliable storage company in Dubai. Please choose us and make your storage service comfortable.

To begin with, we will take the time to assess your current situation and your future premises. Then, we will send you a detailed offer of the services offered by our team.

Storages Services:

Furniture storage service

Most moving companies offer storage or self-storage solutions if you need to store furniture or items while waiting to move to a new home. Professional movers generally have warehouses or boxes dedicated to storage. On the day of departure, all you have to do is load your belongings directly into the truck, route them to your new address.

The traditional storage unit 

It is a great classic and is often managing by a moving company. It is a room, often a leaded and ventilated wooden box, making it possible to store furniture or objects. The premises are equipped with surveillance cameras as well as give access to your box requires an appointment. A traditional storage unit is the best to promise that you can get from any storage company in Dubai.

Time to get ordinance with moving service in Dubai:

Moveyae provides an international team of experienced professionals to ensure that your professional move goes smoothly. Get in touch with us and choose the best storage services in Dubai

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Self & mobile-storage  

We offer a system similar to the traditional storage unit with a tiny difference: it is up to you to store your goods in the box. The boxes are airy, and the customer has a confidential code that allows him to access his box 24 hours a day. Your box is delivered directly to the house. Once loading is complete, it will be closed, secured, and transported to the storage warehouse. Access to your box is usually by appointment. 

Contract from a storage company in Dubai:

The content of your storage contract is essential. It contains the general conditions of sale and all the information related to your rental, such as the storage volume, the duration of the contract, the responsibilities of each party, the prices and the terms of payment, etc.  

The following documents are often mandatory for the establishment of the contract. 

  • An ID 
  • Proof of address of fewer than three months 

Storage insurance

Insurance is essential when it comes to the rental of a storage unit. Start by checking to see if your home or business insurance covers movable property. Otherwise, you can pay an additional premium to obtain this protection. Sometimes the supplement can be more economical than the insurance offered by the storage provider. Storage insurance is compulsory during moving from a storage company in Dubai.

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