6 Questions to Ask your Home Shifting Services Provider


Home shifting services have made this hectic task quicker and easier. Getting quotations from a few companies and choosing the best one requires some knowledge of home-shifting services. Do you know how to compare the quotes?

We are going to share some basic questions that you can ask the home shifting services in UAE. It will help you decide on the best quote and move more safely.   

1. Is it a Licensed Company?

Ask if it is licensed through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Home shifting services in UAE that are accredited are often more reliable. By Asking this question you can get safe from scams or fraudulent services.

A licensed company shows complete address, and employees’ details, and carries a complete portfolio. Further, if you get relocation services in UAE, the license of moving is essential to move within different states.

2. Does this Moving Company Offer Basic Liability Coverage?

Several home shifting services offer basic liability coverage is free of charge. It is an insurance-like service of any home shifting service in the UAE. Movers guarantee the safety of delicate and important belongings. In case of damage or losing any part of belongings, the service provider is responsible. Many home shifting services in Dubai offer a full liability protection package also.

3. Will this Company Provide Packing and Unpacking Services and Materials?

The given quotation includes the payment of packing material like boxes, wrapping papers, lamination sheets, and much more. Some use old card boxes and others use new ones. Usually, family members are comfortable packing their luggage at the old place. Similarly, they feel comfortable unpacking and setting up the new house simultaneously.

So, you should make clear the type of services you will receive. 

4. Is this a Broker/Carrier Service?

A moving company may be a broker or carrier. A broker contracts with home shifting services in UAE. Brokers may have a partnership with several moving companies. As you contact the broker to get moving services, the broker will place the requirements in the marketplace. The interested partners of the brokers can bid on the job. On the other hand, carriers are the moving companies themselves. Carriers have in-house staff that can pack, load, move, and unpack the luggage. However, brokers offer an economical solution to the home-shifting task.

5. Does the Company offer a Complete Package of Home Shifting Services in Dubai?

What services are included in the given quotations? Usually, home shifting services in UAE take a home tour to give a quotation. They assess the load, schedule the time of shifting and ask you for inclusive services. If you are given an online quotation, you must ask about the package and services.

6. Are There any Hidden/ Extra Charges other than the given Quotations?

Sometimes, when you receive a payment bill at the time of shifting, you are stunned. After packing and loading the luggage in the truck, the home shifting service team hands over the bill to the service users. it is the time when you cannot refuse to continue the shifting services. A pre-estimate by the company may not include several taxes and charges. But you may have to pay more than double the actual estimate. To avoid hidden charges and payments, clear the queries.

Bottom Line

These are the basic questions that a service user should ask before hiring any home shifting services in Uae. It saves time for both users and providers. Moreover, when you spend your money, it is necessary to avoid scams or frauds. Check out the authenticity of the services. Clear all ambiguities to move smoothly.