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Long-Term VS Short-Term Storage: Which is Best for You?

Storage units are the recommended place to keep your belongings safe. Whether you have to move and need to keep items in the storage unit, or you don’t have enough space to keep unnecessary items in your home, The only solution to all these is the use of a storage unit. Maybe you want storage services for the short term or long term. Before deciding which service you want, consider some things.

However, our blog will highlight the major differences between both of these services. So, you will become eligible to decide which service must be your first bet.

What is the basic contrast between long-term and short-term storage?

The major difference between the two storage services is the available time for storage. The duration of short-term storage is almost three months. In comparison, the duration of long-term storage may vary based on customers’ requirements.

Moreover, you may take this service for a season such as winter or summer. Both storage services have many benefits and drawbacks. It is up to you which suitable you want to choose based on your requirements.

Short-term storage:

Short-term storage is only for a limited time. So it is a recommended option if you have to store the items for a short time. People who have to move home or student summers may go for this option.

Flexible timings

The major benefit of short-term storage is flexible timings. It has less commitment than long-term storage. However, it is the right option if you have to store items for a limited time because of the move. So avail this option from MOVEYOUAE for a few months.


Many companies offer short-term storage. Most of the services have half rent for almost the first 8 weeks. Moreover, companies don’t ask customers to sign the lengthy contract. Commonly the minimum contract duration is one week. Customers have to decide how much time they want short-term services.

Packing for the short term

For short-term storage, you don’t need careful packing. But still, you have to take care of your items to avoid damage. Always keep the packed boxes with the walls. It will allow you to have more space in the middle.

These tips will help you with short-term storage services:

  • Pack delicate or breakable items in the bubble wraps
  • Pack all the fragile items in separate boxes and label them
  • Always pack the items in light boxes that are easy to move
  • Label all the boxes to know which item is present in which box

Long-term storage:

Long-term storage units are for those who have to travel. Businesses that want enough space to grow and work efficiently may use such an option. To make this option helpful for you, always pay off the money for the first 6 months. It will save you money because MOVEYOUAE offers long-term facilities with discounts.  

It is not necessary for you to tie up with the company when signing the 6 months deal. If your work is done and there is no reason to avail of this option. You may stop the deal and don’t need to pay any penalty.

This option commonly works for homes with limited space. Besides, this option provides a secure space for items for a long time.

Downsizing is possible

Downsizing is the main but challenging thing when you have storage space. Using storage services, you may move to another place without damaging your items. At this stage, long-term storage is the better option with no time limit.

Business Storage

Many offices prefer to take benefit from the storage units. Companies may store their unused items in storage units to give more space to the office. It helps companies to save office place for efficient and productive growth.

Packing for the long term

Take help from MOVEYOUAE because this company have all the packing materials. These materials protect your items from unsafe environments for a long time.


Different types of storage options are present. You have to choose which better fits your situation. All the options are helpful, but the right unit gives you many benefits. These are related to cost-effectiveness and easy management. After selecting the right option, you may consult the experts of MOVEYOUAE. The company will offer you a better solution for self-storage!